"Our group has had a great time in the past competing in foXball events, which are run excellently and held at a great facility.  We also find that the competition, skill and sportsmanship at foXball to be exemplary. Our Club is excited for foXball in 2016!"               

                            -Princeton Battles

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2017 Season Right Around the Corner

2017 Registration

"As players we get to voice what we liked and did not like and Foxball tends to accommodate time and time again. The level of accountability and accessibility that Foxball maintains is outstanding. No better place to play."                                                                     -Hello Nasty

"Foxball has never run a poor event in the 5 years I played their league. So when I started my team, Foxball was a No-brainer"; Professional- grade pits, ample staging room, quality paint, and a top notch field to compete on."

​                      -New England Legacy